About me

Big Bit Beats is a web about my experiences using Open Source tools. Hope you enjoy it.

I am Stella Carrera, Engineering, Designer, and Bilingual Technology Teacher, I have been developing my educational activity on the fields of IT and TPR (Technology, Programming and Robotics) for the last 16 years in Madrid; before I worked as Engineering dealing with national and international projects. I love new technologies and their relationship with society, That is why I keep researching on new methodologies and projects that help on motivating my students. Objects and its interaction with digital media, and the integration of art and design in the technology curriculum is one of my main goals

I also give workshops and talks about open software in education, while keep learning and researching. Furthermore I am a proud member of MAX (Madrid_Linux) group.

I like traveling, taking pictures with my camera and enjoying good music. I love sunny days

Contact: infotecno010(at)gmail.com

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